¿Bradley Cooper es Lex Luthor en MAN OF STEEL?

Hoy salió a flote un rumor sobre la próxima entrega de Superman, The Man of Steel. Aparentemente, Bradley Cooper (The Hangover, Limitless) aparecerá en el filme como Lex Luthor. Simplemente es un rumor, así que tomelo con una cucharada de miel o una de sal. ¿Que creen?

We’ve been sent a tip on the new Superman movie, the Man of Steel.

Obviously we have no way to verify, so bear that in mind.

We were told after Paradise Lost bottomed out, that Bradley Cooper will appear as Lex Luthor in a cameo role in the Man of Steel.

Back in April of 2011, we were provided information that the first draft of the script held a prominent role for Luthor, one that even saw Lex forcing the Kryptonians through a Phantom Zone portal using Kryptonite in the final battle. At the end of the movie, Lex considers forcing Superman through as well, but relents.

Obviously, with all the set images released there has been no sign of Superman’s archenemy. As director Zack Snyder has gone on record stating he wants the movie to go in a different direction than the previous movies, this comes as to no surprise.

However, can there really be a Superman without Lex Luthor?

(via ComicBookNews)

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