Estudios anuncian su participación durante Super Bowl XLVI

Hoy dia, un anuncio de 30 segundos durante el Super Bowl cuesta alrededor de $4 millones. Durante esta noche, los estudios de cine siempre usan la oportunidad para promover sus películas mas importantes del año. Aquí están los estudios que han dicho que promocionaran durante el juego, este próximo 5 de febrero 2012.

This year, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures have announced that they will be running commercials during the broadcast (aka TV spots for their films), although they haven’t announced which films they will be promoting. If we had to guess, we’d have to believe that John Carter, Battleship (you heard me), The Avengers and GI Joe 2: Retaliation would be the most likely candidates. Relativity Media will also be running a TV spot, but Fox, Warner Bros (no Dark Knight Rises) and Sony Pictures have decided to sit this one out this year. Lionsgate will not even be promoting their latest possible franchise wonder, The Hunger Games. 

(via JoBlo)

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