Marvel/Disney en negociaciones con Rebecca Hall, para ser protagonista femenina de IRON MAN 3

Unos días después de que la excelente actriz, Jessica Chastain (The Tree of Life, Take Shelter), declaro que no podría tomar parte de Iron Man 3 debido a conflicto de trabajos, Marvel y Disney están negociando con Rebecca Hall (The Prestige, The Town, Vicky Cristina Barcelona), para que se convierta en la protagonista femenina del filme.

Variety reports that Hall is currently in talks with Disney/Marvel to play the role of a scientist who plays a pivotal part in the creation of nanotechnology known as Extremis.  The tech, which winds up in the hands of terrorists, is a carrier for a viral outbreak that causes considerable damage, especially to anyone who happens to be wearing a high-tech suit of battle armor.  The plot for Iron Man 3 will draw elements from the Warren Ellis’ six-issue series, “Iron Man: Extremis.”

(via Collider)

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